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Voice of America - Learning English (Special English)

News, feature programs and activities for English learners.

The Online Literature Library

A small, but easily-navigated selection of online etexts from English literature. On this site you will find the full and unabridged texts of classic works of English literature as well as of classic scientific works.

The Literature Network

Searchable online literature for the student, educator, or enthusiast - over 3000 full books and over 4000 short stories and poems by over 250 authors.

Learning Resources Bank

Oxford University Press - English Language Teaching. Use these extra practice activities and interactive exercises when you adopt our materials.

Citing Sources

Whenever you quote, paraphrase, summarize, or otherwise refer to the work of another, you are required to cite its source, either by way of parenthetical citation or by means of a footnote, as well as a complete reference in a bibliography. Offered here are resources for some of the most commonly used citation styles.