18 June 2024, Tuesday





Here I would like to express my gratitude to the people without whose presence in my life and support I would not be who I am as a person and a teacher.

To my father, Pavel G. Todorov, who, through his personal example, taught me to have faith in myself and the things I do, to be honest and straight, and to fight relentlessly against the injustice and mediocrity in science and education as well as in all spheres of life.
Rest in peace, Dad!

To my mother, Maria Todorova, who always stands by me, supports my “craziest” ideas and helps me realize them; who believes in me and the things I do, and is my best friend of all.

To my sister, Elena P. Todorova, who, as if in fun, hinted at the idea of starting my own language centre, thus giving me the impetus to establish a happy and full-valued professional life; who never lets me relax and “rest on my personal and professional laurels”.

To my husband, Borislav Arapchev, who gave the idea, created and supports my website, and who, despite the difficulties, the sleepless nights and my all day work load, never stops showing and proving me his love and support.

To my dearest teacher, Maya Stoyanova, who introduced me to her teaching methods and encouraged me when I encountered difficulties in teaching students at school; who was happy to hear the news of starting Nadezhda Language Centre and shared with me her experience in teaching groups and individual students.

To my university lecturer in ELT Methodology, Asst. Prof. Georgi Geshev, from whom I received the most cherished recognition for professionalism in my work as a teacher.

To all my lecturers at the Paissii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv, who provided me with knowledge and experience, thus helping me to build my self-confidence of a professional in the sphere I work with pleasure.

To the head of the Language Training Centre at the University of Food Technology in Plovdiv, Senior Lecturer Tsveta Luizova-Horeva, for her confidence in me from the very beginning of our work together, as well as for her understanding and professionalism of managing the Centre, thus ensuring our peaceful and beneficial work.

To all my colleagues from the Language Training Centre at the University of Food Technology in Plovdiv, who, with their warm reception, immediately made me part of a united team.

To all my students, who, with their gratitude for the achieved results, give significance to my work and reason to move ahead.


Nadezhda P. Todorova