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Third National Scientific Conference for BA, MA, PhD Students and Young Researchers – 2009

25 April 2009, Technical University, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The conference was organized by Federation “Education and Science” - Plovdiv, and Technical University - Sofia, branch Plovdiv.

101 young Bulgarian researchers presented their works at the conference sessions in the following scientific trends:

- Medical and Biological Sciences
- Technical and Natural Sciences and Mathematics
- Socio-economical Sciences and Humanities

I took part in the sessions of the trend “Humanities” with a paper entitled

“Translation Correspondence of Words with Negative Prefixes from English into Bulgarian”.

Assoc. Prof. Vladimir Yanev, PhD and Asst. Prof. Greta Koseva from the Philological Faculty of The Paissii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv chaired the sessions of this scientific trend.

The conference ended with a cocktail party in the Lecturers’ Club at the Technical University.

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