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The Presentation in the ESP Classes an Effective Means of Developing the Communication Skills of the Students

The paper was presented at the Fifth International Conference The Language - a Phenomenon without Frontiers, which took place on 12-14 June 2008 in the city of Varna, Bulgaria


One of the main goals of Language for Specific Purposes (LSP) classes is to build and develop students’ confidence in expressing themselves on a subject-related topic in the foreign language.

One of the greatest problems, which English for Specific Purposes (ESP) lecturers face in their work, is how to motivate their students to communicate freely in English on a certain topic.

Preparing and delivering presentations on a chosen by students topic, related to the subject they study at the university, proved to be a very effective and amusing way of raising their motivation and developing their communication skills.

The present article shows the process of preparation and delivery of presentations by ESP students at the University of Food Technologies in Plovdiv and provides some basic guidelines for using presentations in class. 

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