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15 August

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The day is celebrated in honour of Holy Virgin who is the protector of family fireside, the protector of motherhood and the protector of women.

Every year on 15 August the Bulgarian Orthodox Church marks the great Christian day of the Assumption. This is the day when Virgin May passed away and all churches and monasteries serve a solemn Holy Mass glorifying the Mother of God and patroness of maternity, advocate before God for our willing and unwilling trespasses.

From the moment of her Assumption, the Holy Mother stands on the right of her son Jesus Christ and with her motherly prayer protects the entire Christian world.

About 2000 years ago, God’s Mother, who was 64 then, lived in Jerusalem. Once, while she was praying on Mound Eleon, Archangel Gabriel came to her with a palm twig in his hand, bringing her the news of her approaching end. The Holy Mother gladly accepted the news and decided to see, once more before her death, the Holy Apostles. A miracle brought them together from all the ends where their evangelic preaching had taken them and they arrived to witness Mary’s blessed decease. God’s Mother handed her pure soul to her Son and God – Jesus.

Upon her falling asleep the room filled with divine aroma and angels sang, “Rejoice you blessed woman, God is with you and you are the most blessed of all women!” Instead of grief, the Apostles were filled with bright spiritual joy. They buried her side by side to her parents and St. Joseph.

According to the Christian Church, Virgin Mary’s death is a passage to another dimension – that of eternal life. After her Assumption, God’s Mother does not leave the world without help and she never misses to intervene not only in the life of separate individuals but of entire communities and peoples as well. Her presence in the life of the Christians is felt all the time. She always takes the side of those whom she has promised she would never leave and she does it on time.

On this day the first fruits of the season (watermelons and grapes) and also ritual breads for health and for “God forgives the dead” are consecrated in the church and are handed out to people. In some places sacrifices are offered and fairs are made.

15 August is the Name day of everyone named Maria, Mariana, Mara, Marcho, Mario.





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